Gregg McClung

Southern California.

Gregg is medically retired after 24 years of law enforcement service. His career has included assignments of; 1 year as a reserve police officer with the Clovis (CA) Police Department; 11 years as a Deputy Sheriff / Sheriff’s Sergeant working for the Fresno County (CA) Sheriff’s Department; 11 years as a Special Agent / Special Agent Supervisor with the CA Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement; and then 1 year as a retired annuitant with the CA Department of Justice Division of Firearms.


During his career Gregg worked as a patrolman, detective and sergeant; SWAT team member and sergeant; investigator; firearms and tactics instructor; clandestine laboratory instructor; and peer counselor.  Gregg served a total of 18 years in narcotic enforcement. He also served 8 years in the US Armed Forces in the CA Air National Guard and is a lifetime member of the CA Narcotic Officers Association.


Gregg has been with ProForce Law Enforcement since 2004 serving as a Law Enforcement Specialist in Southern CA.


If you would like to contact Gregg drop him an email at: